“The Lord reigneth…” – Psalm 97:1

This precious verse encourages me everytime I think of it. It comes in great majesty with unspeakable comfort. It comes as a truth the Lord wants me to absorb. 

When faced with temptations to fret and despair, it comes as a reproof to show me where I am wrong. What have I to do with melancholy thoughts when the Lord reigns?

It comes as correction, setting my crooked ways straight. It is not for me to plan the future, nor to take credit for past successes. It is the Lord who reigns.

With a day-by-day practicality, it comes as as instruction in righteousness to show me how to proceed rightly. The Lord reigns: let us rejoice with all the earth! Let us say with Peter when facing disappointment and a sea of trouble in our lives, “It is the Lord!” In all things let us esteem His sovereign will above our desires, for He does all things well. 

What further need have we? The Lord reigns!