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Archive for March, 2012

NC Family Encouragement Weekend

Posted by The Neely Team



Much anticipation had been built. It was time for the conference to begin. Then all of a sudden, it was over. It all happened so fast! But we came away having seen the work of the Lord and encouraged to press on. We were challenged by the Word, motivated by testimonies of young people striving to serve Christ, and encouraged and uplifted by the fellowship and prayer times with other families.

The North Carolina FEW was the first of four planned conferences this year. We look forward with great excitement to the next FEW and the continued work of the Lord! May Jesus Christ be praised!

Game time!!

PreciousDiscipleshipStory time

Getting ready for supper!Serving the food

Chicken nachos.... MmmmmCookies --- the signature FEW snackRegistration team

He has made everything beautiful in His time

OrchestraIMG_9839The children's sessionGetting feedback :)


Precious -- siblings are such a blessing from the LordGame time :)

The young ladies shared how their fathers are preparing them for the future.Sharing practical tips on hospitalityChalk talk

IMG_0085Humor :) ( It was indeed really good! :))JoyFriends

Oh the joys of little ones! These are the voices of tomorrow.A girls' table filled with smilesThe ultimate challenge to see how many people we could get around one table -- the norm was 8 -- the max was about 16. :)


Rejoicing in the goodness of God

The sleep of a laboring man (or lady :) is sweetIMG_0151IMG_0146IMG_0132


IMG_0175Getting ready for the group shot....Everyone lining up....

"Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto Thy name give glory!"

If you are interested in receiving information on upcoming FEW Conferences, leave us a comment and we’ll add you to the contact list.

“Auntie Fun-Fun”

Posted by The Neely Team



When we were in Greenville, SC, for music lessons a couple weeks ago, Aunt Miriam (aka Auntie Fun-Fun Smile) made our day extra special by bringing us lunch to enjoy together. It was a good reminder to us of the joy and blessing that simple acts of kindness can bring to those around, even when the action seems small or menial. “Be ye kind one to another…”

IMG_9449Mmmm... lunch!

Miss Smiley Pink-Sweater :)Juice on the floor ;)

SweetOur FAVORITE bakery cookies!

Aunt Miriam is definitely a giver!, so when we were in Greenville again this last weekend for a homeschool convention, she surprised us with St. Patrick’s Day goodies to enjoy at our hotel. Too much fun!

Cookies...Cupcakes!Have a cookie, anyone?

Notice the message on the ring...... they re-lived an experience from almost 25 years ago for us! :)

:)MORE of our favorite cookies!

:) :) :)

So, look around you, and see who needs an extra touch of kindness today. Sow an act of kindness, and reap a harvest of joy!

Thank you, Aunt Miriam!!



The doctrine of the sovereignty of God…

“Can a doctrine be ‘horrible’ and ‘dangerous’ that gives God His true place, that maintains His rights, that magnifies His grace, that ascribes all glory to Him and removes every ground of boasting from the creature? Can a doctrine be ‘horrible’ and ‘dangerous’ which affords the saints a sense of security in danger, that supplies them comfort in sorrow, that begets patience within them in adversity, that evokes from them praise at all times? Can a doctrine be ‘horrible’ and ‘dangerous’ which ascribes us of the certain triumph of good over evil, and which provides a sure resting-place for our hearts… that place [being the] the perfections of the Sovereign Himself? No; a thousand times, no. Instead of being ‘horrible’ and ‘dangerous’ this doctrine of the Sovereignty of God is glorious and edifying, and a due apprehension of it will but serve to make us exclaim with Moses, ‘Who is like unto thee, O Lord, among the gods? who is like Thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?’ (Ex. 15:11).” 

“The doctrine of God’s sovereignty then is no mere metaphysical dogma which is devoid of practical value, but is one that is calculated to produce a powerful effect upon Christian character and the daily walk. The doctrine of God’s sovereignty lies at the foundation of Christian theology, and in importance is perhaps second only to the Divine inspiration of the Scriptures. It is the center of gravity in the system of Christian truth; the sun around which all the lesser orbs are grouped; the cord upon which all other doctrines are strung like so many pearls, holding them in place and giving them unity. It is the plumb line by which every creed needs to be tested; the balance in which every human dogma must be weighed. It is designed as the sheet-anchor for our souls amid the storms of life. The doctrine of God’s sovereignty is a divine cordial to refresh our spirits. It is designed and adapted to mold the affections of the heart, and to give a right direction to conduct. It produces gratitude in prosperity and patience in adversity. It affords comfort for the present and a sense of security regarding the unknown future. It is, and it does, all and much more than we have just said, because it ascribes to God – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – the glory which is His due, and places the creature in his proper place before Him – in the dust.”

The Sovereignty of God by A.W. Pink

pg. 151-152, 139

At Dad’s request, I recently finished reading The Sovereignty of God, the book from which the above passages were cited. For anyone who desires to know the biblical truth about this highly-controversial issue, or who is seeking to become better equipped to defend it, we recommend this book. Every belief must be weighed against the infallible truths of Scripture, and Pink has done a remarkable job in this small text.




** As with all books, this volume should be read with “open eyes.” Just because we recommend the book does not mean that we necessarily endorse every “jot and tittle” contained therein.