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Archive for August, 2011

An Empty Cup??

Posted by The Neely Team



We had the privilege of having a friend of ours for dinner last night. Jennifer always brings lots of fun and laughter, and this visit was no different. After supper, we gathered around the table for a rousing time of playing with… empty cups???

We enjoyed this game particularly because it included all ages, encouraged attentiveness between players, and required teamwork to run smoothly. Thank you, Jennifer, for “filling our cups” with your joy and love once again!

One More Mile

Posted by Kathryn



The Lord has called each of us to serve. But many times along the road we become exhausted, feeling as if we can’t move another inch. Have you ever felt this way before? Do you ever wake up in the morning with the thought that you simply can’t do one more extra thing? Have you lost your strength for the race of life?

Recently struggling with some similar thoughts, the Lord brought me Isaiah 61 to get my focus right again. I would highly encourage you to take some a moment next time you are feeling weak and empty to ponder this beautiful passage. The Lord reminded me that part of my purpose in life is service – to both Him and others. But if that is truly part of why I am alive, why is it so hard sometimes?

God has a way of putting us all through these “servant-hood tests” to see where our hearts really are. In His mercy He reminds us that He has laid up the rewards of joy, peace, strength, and contentment for those who are faithful and daily give Him their all.

So today… trust God’s sovereignty in asking you to go another mile with Him, rejoice in His presence as you journey, and rest in His promise of strength as the road becomes rocky and difficult.

Press on – for one more mile!

God gave you your family to walk beside you


Ready for another mile together!


Posted by Jessica



The Lord often blesses us with times of refreshment and encouragement as we strive to serve Him in the corner of the world where He has placed us. Like-minded families may seem few and far between, but the refreshment of gatherings is hard to describe! Times like these are what could be termed “recharges.” Just as a battery gets low, our “fellowship meters” often are in need of charging.

We had such a weekend when the Barnes family came for a visit. Puzzles, trampoline, guitar, meaningful conversations, National Ice Cream Day…. it was definitely a weekend not soon to be forgotten!! Thank you, Barnes family, for your joy and love for our Lord!

Music sessions were a blast!Playing Frisbee :-)Ready for consumption :-)Delicious!Several of the Barnes are great photographers :-)IMG_3761Sometimes life may seem long or the way steep, but the Lord only requires us to take the next step, by faith.IMG_3755FriendsFellowshipIMG_3812Two families

2011 West Virginia FEW Conference!

Posted by The Neely Team



The Wilkes and Neelys arrived at the Team HQ for the weekend - - the Staddon's house!Fellowship over dinner

Prep timeCozy time

Prayer is our greatest workNothing is too big or too small to take to the Lord in prayer

Famous FEW Conference Fresheners :)Our sound team!

Registration team minus one!Resources

PreciousThe Friday evening meal

IMG_3301Getting to know each otherTali-Joy and Hannah

Michael and some little buddiesThe orchestra

IMG_3376Practicing brotherly loveIMG_3404

Jonathan and KenanDiscipleship

MothersPatience and JenniferEsther and Victoria

The dads had a prayer time before lunch on Saturday while the mothers made lunch and the kiddos had game timeWe all need each other!

Partner with little ones...Make blessing others your focusA mother's gentle love

IMG_3516Discipleship game time!IMG_3543

Use the gifts God has given your family to encourage other families!The whistle section of the orchestra :)Dad

Donald's chalk art, emphasizing the power of teaching by analogy, was beautiful!Strong father-daughter relationships must be cultivated

Sarah, Bethany, Titus, and KathrynGod created your siblings to be your best friendsKindness

Mom and Mrs. RothLet the little ones helpMr. and Mrs. Staddon

The three couples shared insight on faithfully conducting family worship Sisters in the Lord

IMG_3625IMG_3639Back at the Staddon's house after the conference, more adventure took place...Michael the brave!

Meal time at the Staddons was always a delicious experienceDanielle and Esther

A porch packed with encouragement!Sweet companionship makes the steep spots in life pass quickly


Post-conference sound projectsMaking melodySistersMr. Joe Harpely with his makers :) - creativity

The FEW Conference Team!!!!! Praise the Lord!

We praise the Lord for repeated evidence of His blessing and power during the entire conference! To Him be the praise and glory!

Fun with Cousins

Posted by Jessica



Family – a God-given treasure which He blesses us with for our edification and enjoyment. Family — the indispensible building block in society. Family – a group of individuals who have common ancestry or goals. Family – a gift not to be taken for granted.

We recently had a mini reunion with some of Mom’s side of the family. Mini because not everyone was able to come. But a reunion it was, and a great one at that.

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”

Enjoying cousin time on the Bridge of Nations at Bob Jones UniversityWatching the ducksIMG_2501IMG_2496FellowshipIMG_2498Reedy River was a great place to hang out for the day --- absolutely beautiful!Being together was a joyThis is my favorite picture from the weekend. The expressions are priceless!Supper time and talk timeIMG_2541IMG_2545IMG_2548Uncle Jim had sparklers, which were a big hit! Joy and enthusiasmIMG_2563Four of the five siblingsThe whole clan (minus 10 important people!)